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Secrets Chapters 3 & 4


Fanfic:           SECRETS Chapters 3 & 4

 Fandom:       Fullmetal Alchemist
Author:         Wateria88

Pairings:         Eventually Roy x Ed (girl!)
Rating:          General (later will have talk about female cycles or other serious conversations. May change)
Warnings:      Genderswitch, Ed’s a girl in this fanfic.  

After her run in with Roy in the office, Ed has gone back to the dorms where she and Al stay.  When Colonel Mustang makes an unexpected visit the next morning, what happens?

Usually I'll be posting two chapters at a time unless I'm short on time.  

Chapter 3           Strange Occurrences
          I have arrived back in our dorm after the meeting with Mustang and I am lying on my bed just gazing at the wall. I do this sometimes when I just need to think. Alphonse hasn’t come back yet; he’s probably apologizing to that bastard after what happened.
I still don’t know what happened in there. I wish I could talk to an older woman but Pinako’s the only one that knows I’m even female. I don’t feel like I could really talk to Winry about this. She’s only a few months older than I am, so I don’t think she’d really be able to help me. Plus, who knows if she’s ever felt this way.
I gaze over toward the window. There’s always Hawkeye. I close my eyes and shake that thought away. She doesn’t know and neither does Gracia. Maybe I should at least tell them. It would make things easier, I guess.
I close my eyes tighter and shake my head hard, causing my golden bangs to fly in my face. Using my hand I brush them away as I sit up. I wrap my arms around my knees and pull them up against my body. I rest my chin on top as I open my eyes to gaze over toward the door, never really paying attention to anything.
I can’t tell anyone about my secret. They’d probably tell me how stupid I was or something. Elysia, Gracia’s daughter, would probably like the idea of me being a girl. She already treats me as an older brother, so I’d be her older sister to her. I wish I could tell someone but no one would understand.
          My attention is attracted to the door fully as the doorknob turns. My grip on my knees tightens as the door opens. I relaxed almost immediately when I heard my brother’s concerned voice, “Sister, are you okay?” He spoke that quietly so that only I could hear the question. 
          I smile up at him, “Yeah, Al. I’m fine. I was just thinking about things.” He closed the door behind him as he entered. I reverted my eyes as he went and sat on the other bed. I feel bad that he pretends to sleep but at the same time he can’t. He can’t eat or even feel pain physically in that metal body. Even though he says he doesn’t care if he ever gets him body back, I can’t stand to see him this way.
          My thoughts were broke by a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and I bolted to the small restroom, leaving him alone in the room. I yell an apology as I close the bathroom door behind me, “I’m sorry Al, be right back!”
          I lowered my pants and then my underwear, which actually consisted of panties under the boxers I wore to confuse the guys if they made me pull my pants off. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be necked around a bunch of guys anyway.   What girl would? Anyway as I was pulling my panties down I felt a pure wet feeling that I just knew was the reason I felt so out of sorts today. 
          Just like most girls I keep the girly things, known as pads close to the toilet. Luckily I had one in my underwear, mainly because when it gets close to time I get a distinct feeling that it’s close. I change it and quickly leave the bathroom finding Al watching me.
          “You alright, Ed?” I could hear the concern and the confusion in his voice. I so wished that I was a boy sometimes, things would be so much easier. I smile at him and using the softest voice I can manage, “Yes, Al. I’m fine. Just the damn girl problems, which hit every month.”
          “Uh. Sorry, Sis, but I really don’t want to hear anymore about it.” I laugh as he pulls himself further up on the bed. He really can’t stand that topic and I don’t blame him. 
          It is currently around four a clock in the morning and Sister is still sleeping soundly in her bed. I am laying on the other as I watch her sleep. She looks so much more peaceful this way. She is sleeping in just a t-shirt and her panties. I wish she would put more on when she goes to bed, but she says she’s more comfortable that way. I guess she would be considering the fact that her breasts were not bound like they usually were. I don’t know how that feels; I’m not a girl, but I pretty sure it isn’t comfortable.
I still wonder at times what life would have been like if Mom had never died. Sister reminds me a lot of her but her looks seem to have come from Dad. Her face of course is more feminine, like Mom’s but her hair and eyes look like the pictures we have of Dad. 
          I was always the tall one. Sister is not much smaller than what Mom was. She was never that big of a person even as she was growing up. I sometimes wonder what I would look like if I had my body. 
          The alarm clock and a very groggy Edna, who sat up in the bed to turn the clock off, interrupted my thoughts. Her hair was messy and sticking out in several directions. I laughed at her, inside. She looked like a porcupine. I watched as she wrapped sheets around her thin waist and dragged them off with her into the bathroom to get a shower.
          When she returned her hair was clean, though wet, and pulled back behind her so that it flopped down on her back. She wore her classic black tank top and black leather pants. She was already bound. Her boots were still at the door so she only wore socks. Her jacket and coat still were hanging on the coat hook. 
          She handed me a brush and sat down on the bed in front of me. I knew what she wanted without me asking. A rubber band was around her wrist. Using my gloved fingers I slowly pulled her long mid-back length golden hair back into a braid. When I was finished, she flipped the braid over her shoulder so she could see it.
          I would have smiled if I could when I heard her normal female voice, not the one she used around the military officers that thought she was a boy. “Thank you, brother.”
           I nodded in welcoming the thank you. Sister can braid her own hair but sometimes she’d rather I do it. She says she loves the braids I do for her. 
          I feel so awkward when I am on my period. I’m so emotional. I just hope I can keep it a secret from everyone and not have it blown out for everyone to see. I flipped the braid back over my shoulder and grabbed my jacket, coat, and boots. As I finished pulling them on as well as my white gloves that I have just pulled from my drawer, I hear a knock on the door and it sounds very urgent on top of that.
          I motion for Alphonse to stay where he is as I approach the door. Opening it, I spot a very stressed looking Colonel. His expression looks like someone had just dropped an explosive on East Head Quarters or something. I just knew something was seriously wrong with this situation.

Chapter 4                     Serious Dangers
I had just opened the door when that bastard forced the door open the rest of the way forcing me to back away rather quickly. I glare at him and I can feel the anger growing steadily inside me.
“What the hell is your problem?!” I yell at him. His eyes glare needles back into mine. “Edward, I need you to stay inside for awhile. There is an alchemist killer going around and I don’t want you in harms way.”
My golden eyes widen at his response. He doesn’t want me in harms way? Could he really care about me? Or is it just a parental type of thing. I quickly shook those thoughts away as I answered him with a rather annoyed response using my fake male voice, “Why would you care?! Not to mention I can choose wither or not I go out or not. You cannot stop me from choosing my paths. I’ll stop this person myself if you feel you aren’t strong enough or are you just to damn scared?”
I was so angry but at the same time I felt so confused. I didn’t understand why he was worried about me. Or was it because this killer was out hunting alchemists? Did he just want me inside so I wouldn’t get killed on his watch? He still considers me a child half of the time and I know this; yet sometimes I wish he would see me more as being a teenager than a little kid who can’t defend himself.
I continue to glare at him tell I noticed he was standing there glaring at me. His dark eyes were narrowed and he had an unusual frown on his face, not his usual smirk. My eyes widen as he approaches me. He grabs a hold of my arm as I back a few steps away. I can hear Alphonse getting off of the bed slowly.
He forces my chin up using his other hand so that I am looking directly into his eyes. “You are so hard headed. Why won’t you listen when someone gives you orders? This person has been killing alchemists stronger than you. He could kill you quite easily and you shouldn’t underestimate your enemies the way you do.” His words hit me hard but I didn’t flinch physically even though I did mentally.
I shoved him away from me and I turned my back to him. My eyes were focused on the wall. Part of me didn’t want to look at him because I was angry that he still treats me as if I was a twelve-year-old boy. Another part of me fought not to blush from being that close to him, even if he was angry with me. It was still a strange feeling to have him that close to me.
I turned my head to look in his direction a definite frown on my face, “I’m not that weak. I don’t need your protection or anyone else’s.   I am a child prodigy aren’t I? I can defend myself.” He continued to glare at me as I turned my head to face the wall again. I could tell he wanted to argue but I wasn’t going to give him a chance. I could here his steps approaching me but the second he stopped I bolted past him and out the door. 
I couldn’t help myself, I needed to talk to someone and he wasn’t the one I could talk to. These feelings are so strange and I don’t understand them at all. As I run I can hear a very shrill and angry cry coming from behind me, “Fullmetal, get your midget ass back here!!!” I haven’t heard that bastard curse that often but I knew I’d be in trouble if I followed his orders this time, so I continued to run till I had exited the dorms and I was outside. 
The next few minutes I found myself wandering down the side of the street, unsure of where I should go. My anger always proves to mess things up. Though I am clearly shocked as I remember the past events. I didn’t react the way I usually do when someone calls me short. Why is that? I didn’t scream and shout, I just ran. 
A few hours of wandering around the streets and I was thoroughly exhausted. I heard a loud boom and as I looked up I could see that the sky had started to release the rain that was slowly pelting me. I pulled my hood up to cover my hair to keep it from getting any wetter. It started to pour harder as I ran to find some kind of shelter. I was too far away to go home. So I decided to rest under a piece of old metal that stuck out from an old building, which was far enough to protect me from the rain. 
As I sat there under my covering, I watched people running by carrying umbrellas, trying to get home or to where ever they were going. I pulled my knees up to my chest and lowered my head tell my face was against my legs. 
I was such an idiot. If I had just agreed to the Colonel’s orders I would still be inside, not stuck in this damn weather. My clothes were already soaked and my body had already started to shiver. I knew I’d probably end up sick like this. I didn’t move I just stayed still as the rain started to come down harder.
It must have been about another hour and I had fallen asleep under my covering. I awoke to sound of foots steps splashing through the water. I opened my eyes to find a middle-aged man staring down at me. He had a hat on that covered his messed up greasy brown hair and he face was rough like he had not shaved in a couple of days. He had a crazy look on his face and he stood with his trench coat covered arms crossed. His voice echoed through the alley way as his face scrunched up in a twisted way.
“Well, what do we have here? It looks a little boy, or are you a girl?” I didn’t answer him as he knelt down in front of me. He clinched the front of my coat and forced my hood back so he could get a better look at me. I was too frozen to move as he lifted my face up to look me in the eyes. I wanted to run away or beat the crap out him for touching me, but my body wasn’t working right. I guess I have gotten sick. I don’t feel right.
He ran his hand down the side of my face. His smile widened, as he looked me over, “What a pretty child, you’ll be perfect.” He ripped off my coat and discarded it on the ground, “You don’t need this anymore, and plus, it hides the beauty of your body.” 
A panic sensation flooded my brain as I realized that this guy was a rapist. Just as he reached for the hook on my jacket I responded with a punch using my automail arm. He grabbed his injured arm and glared at me. “You little bastard!!”
Using his good arm he clutched my automail before I could respond. A sickening sound came to my ears as I heard my automail snap. He ripped my arm from the socket, causing an excruciating pain to rip through my body. I let loose a shrill scream forgetting my male voice. Anyone that heard that would know that I’m a girl now.
I looked over at the automail arm that he threw it a couple of feet away from me. He shoved me down so that I was lying on my back. Tears started to flow as he mounted me; I didn’t want this. I tightened my eyes shut. This was worse in my mind than anything I had ever experienced. I cried harder as he pulled by jacket off and ripped my belt from my pants. I wished someone would come by and save me but who would in this kind of weather.
“P-please.s-someone h-elp.” I cried in fear as he continued to move his hands along my leg to where my boots were. I knew he was going to remove them next and then I would be fare game.
Suddenly out of no warning, the guy was knocked away from me. I couldn’t move and I certainly didn’t know what was going on. I could hear the man standing and then the next thing I heard was a gunfire going off and the man’s shrill cries as he fell to the ground, dead.
Clopping of boots through water puddles came to my ears again as the unknown being approached. I kept my eyes shut fearing who ever it was. Soft hands pulled me up in their strong embrace. I slowly opened my eyes to see Roy Mustang above me. His eyes full of concern and anger, he held me close as I cried.
A few seconds later I let out a rather loud sneeze and my throat started to hurt. I started to cough as he looked at me out of shock. I couldn’t stop coughing and I eventually past out, out of exhaustion. I don’t know how he found me but I’m just glad he did. 


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