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Secrets Chapters 1 & 2


Fanfic:           SECRETS 

 Fandom:       Fullmetal Alchemist
Author:         Wateria88

Pairings:         Eventually Roy x Ed (girl!)
Rating:          General (later will have talk about female cycles or other serious conversations. May change)
Warnings:      Genderswitch, Ed’s a girl in this fanfic.   
Edward and Alphonse have kept a huge secret from the entire military and everyone else except for the Rockbells. When Mustang finds out about it, what will his reaction be and will he keep their secret? When things start getting hairy how will they handle things?
Note:  This is chapter 1 & 2.  I'll update more later.  Please Read and Review.  This also only my second fanfic.

Chapter 1           Prologue & Alphonse’s point of view
Brother and I have finally completed the last mission we were on and we are currently heading to Central, to report to Colonel Mustang. 
Ever since Brother joined the military he has kept a major secret from everyone here. Well I know because after all he is my brother and I usually know just about everything unless he tries to keep stuff from me. This one though is kind of hard to keep a secret to your own brother especially when you’ve been raised together since you were babies. 
You see, the secret we have been keeping is that my brother is actually my sister. At the time, before we met Lieutenant Hawkeye, Ed didn’t think they would take her seriously if they knew she was female. So she came up with the idea of masquerading as a boy. 
Of course right at first it was fairly easy because she was still young, at twelve years, and her body had just started to develop. Though as the years progressed the course of becoming a young woman started taking effect and it seemed to me that she was having a harder time of keeping her gender a secret as she was constantly trying to keep herself covered and bound. 
          This whole thing started when we tried to bring back Mother. We had heard from both Granny Pinako and Teacher about the state alchemists and that had sparked an interest immediately with Sister. Both had tried to tell her that the alchemists had sold their souls to the state and that they were just dogs of the military, just waiting to be shipped out to do their bidding. 
          Sister didn’t seem to care about this. She wanted to become a state alchemist and fix our mistake. We had lost far too much in our attempt to bring back Mom. She lost her leg and I lost my entire body. Ed sacrificed her arm in order to attach my soul to my current armored body. 
          She wants to fix my body but I would rather fix hers considering the fact that she now bares automail and it is extremely hard on her body. 
          I would rather I not get my body back if it meant that she’d never have her own. 
          Anyway, she and I are walking to the colonel’s office. In the outside world, she was always known as Edward Elric but I would always see her as being Edna Elric instead. {a/n: Everyone uses Edwina or Edina or something so I thought I’d try this} 
          We enter the colonel’s office and he is busy working on paperwork. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye must have come earlier and pulled her gun on him, for usually he is quite lazy when it comes down to it. I stay stationed at the door as Sister walks over to his desk, report in hand. He looks up at her. I notice he has quickly covered what he was doing and stares at her with his rather large smirk. I just know something is going to happen and I am ready to grab her, if she tries anything stupid.

 Chapter 2          Central Headquarters & Ed’s point of view
Alphonse has stayed by the door as usual and as I approach I can see that the bastard is actually being his damn lazy self. He appears to be doing paperwork but as I get closer I notice that he actually has a piece of paper on top of his work and can you believe he is actually drawing?
As I get closer my lips quirk into a small smirk as he looks up out of surprise. He must not have heard us walk in. I glance down at his hands and find that he has a small person drawn with yellow hair. He notices my eyes shifting over his work and he quickly shoves the drawing behind the real paper work and his shocked expression changes into its normal smug look including his traditional wide smirk. I wonder who that blonde was. 
Was it Hawkeye or some other blonde? The thought struck me hard across the face, was it me? I quickly shoved the idea out of my mind. It was impossible that the blonde in the drawing was me. He thinks I’m just a boy, he doesn’t know I’m actually a girl. I sigh as I stare at him and then I revert my gaze to the floor. 
Why am I acting like this? If he finds out I’m a girl, he’ll probably send it all over the military headquarters and my job would probably be swiped right from underneath my feet. 
He looks at me strangely and I panic, as I hear is deep voice with a hint of concern in it. “Is there something wrong, Fullmetal?” I had not even noticed him stand up but he was now kneeling down in front of me looking me in the eyes. I could feel the heat rising on my face and I knew I must have been blushing. 
I quickly shook my head sending my golden hair flying and accidentally whacking him in the face with my braid. I backed up and tightened my grip on the papers in my hand. Before he could even stand I had thrown the paperwork on the floor in front of him. 
I bolted from the room leaving Alphonse with that bastard. If he finds out my secret I’ll never live it down. Why the hell did I blush like that? I’ve never had a situation like that happen before in my entire life. I couldn’t control my emotions and I almost lost it in front of him.
Sister has left the room and I am left wondering wither or not I should be chasing after her or tending to the shocked Colonel, who happens to be still on the floor holding the paperwork. I wonder what that was about. I haven’t seen her act that way before and obviously from the Colonel’s reaction, he hasn’t either.

He finally shakes out of it and looks up at me with stunned eyes. I can sense the shock even in his voice as he speaks. “What was that about? That wasn’t like Fullmetal at all.” I shrug and I gave the Colonel one last glance before leaving him. My words echoed through the room as I left, “I don’t know Sir. I really don’t know.”

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