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Genderswitch: Femme!Ed x Femme!Alfons; Mesmerizing

Title: Mesmerizing
Pairing: Girl!EdxGirl!Alfons
Genre: Romance…I think?
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
Note: This is what you get when you watch Gakuen Heaven and decide to want to do a crossover pairing (Jin x Alfons…*DROOL*), and then you’re so tempted to call him “Etoile” that you DO call him Etoile when you write the fanfic in your brain…and then you suddenly decide, “Hey! Let’s do Etoile!Ed x Nagisa!Alfons…nobody’ll know the Strawberry Panic references, but let’s go do it anyway!” …It’s official, people. I’m on crack. >.>
Warnings: Yuri, Genderswitch.
Summary: It was hard for Alfons to keep her body still


           It was hard for Alfons to keep her body still during this time. She would just stand there, arms at her sides, eyes staring forward and her body shaking as those eyes would look at her, deep and entrancing.

            Golden. Demanding. 

            Extremely, extremely demanding

            A hand would skate up her side, and it took all of Alfons’s willpower not to shiver. But this was part of the game; if she moved now it would be for nothing, and then Edward would sulk and they wouldn’t meet like this for an entire week

            But it was so hard not to just grab and take when those hands—one metal, one flesh—would touch her thighs, moving agonizingly slow upwards, over her hips, up her stomach, moving like a tease over her breasts and then around her neck, fingers linking and arms wrapped tight, not ready to let go. 

She looked like a predator, ready to strike, gold eyes glinting with something that should have told Alfons to run. That was the sane thing to do…with that hungry grin and those eyes glinting like that…

“E…” Alfons mumbled. She couldn’t take it anymore, damn it…

“Yes?” Edward whispered, almost purring. 


“I told you not to call me that.” Edward clipped, tone irritated but that look of hers was still in place, and her face was coming closer, and fast. “Call me by my name, dammit…”


“Good girl, Alfons…”

                That was the last thing that Edward whispered before her lips latched greedily onto hers.

Tags: genderswitch, yuri

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